Ziggy Pictures’ objective is to bring artists from various backgrounds together, who, sharing a connection and ideas, want to make a change. Continually pushing the boundaries, their collective input in filmmaking and other artistic projects, is directed towards bringing something meaningful to the world. It’s about self-realization, professionalism and having fun at the same time. After all, working side by side is not only a source of inspiration but also a means to achieving a measure of excellency. Serious and dedicated, but still imbued with a happy-go-lucky spirit, we try to keep our footing in this money-driven world. Our fortune is made up of our own resources. Ziggy Pictures is more focused on the process than the destination. The work never ends.


Keymono – Morning (official music video)

„Morning is the purest time of a day, when everything starts over. Our new song is all about awakening to life, its details, the flow of time and search for our true self” – Keymono.

The music video elaborates on the search of one’s own essence and destination. It’s about the times in life when you feel lost, and when you find yourself again. In a protracted sequence the viewer gets a notion of the things that make up a human life: the experiences we share, the routine we fall back into, mixed in with a backdrop of brightness and shadows. The new day puts us firmly back on the road again, however confusing and overwhelming circumstances may be. While the framework is narrative, there are no personal truths here, it’s condensed in such a way for everyone to add his/her own interpretation. The music video shows this endless continuum of losing and finding oneself, a search that crosses from dreams into reality and back again. And the persistent effort it takes to break the circle…

Žygintas Papartis

Ištvan Tomas
Saulius Girniukaitis

Special Effects:
Julius Kuršys

Costume designer:
Shernas – shernas.com

Third eye:
Marija Puipaitė

The Girl:
Daiva Starinskaitė

Thanks to:
Agata Vodnicka
Nerijus Laukaitis
Austėja Katinaitė
Ringailė Papartytė
Vidmantas Vagonis
Kimon Kodossis

Making of:

Making of video by Andjka

SHAPED: Dialogue Between Motion and Matter

On display at “Het Nieuwe Instituut” Museumpark 25, Rotterdam. 31st of January – 26 of April.

This experiment is based on a dialogue between the creature and the creation. Dancer starts by falling down. Based on that first movement, the ‘creators’ make supports: visualizing the ongoing development between user and product. From that creation on, Dancer continues with ‘falling’ followed with the creation of additional support. Together they become a choreography.

Film by
Zygintas Papartis and Govert Flint

Concept by
Institute For Applied Motions & Rodrigo Alves Azevedo

Choreography by
Rodrigo Alves Azevedo

Sound by
Dominykas Daunys

Film production by
Ziggy Pictures

Gieorgij Grzesiek Puchalski

Design Methodology by
Institute For Applied Motions

Installation by
Jeroen van der Drift
Govert Flint
Zeno Franchini
Kim Haagen
Lysander Klinkenberg
Inge van der Ploeg
Martje Roks
Maurik Stomps

Facilitated by
Het Nieuwe Instituut

Special thanks to
Studio Makkink & Bey

Thanks to
Jules van den Langenberg
Collaboration – O
Sander Wassink
Luuk van den Broek
Bart de Hartog
Sarah Züst

Revealed Cities, Reacted Monuments

Film by
Elsa Carenzo and Zygintas Papartis

Music by
Jerome Cancet

Reacted Monuments is a participatory urban machine that triggers new stories that citizens and newcomers can re-appropriate and interpret.

The machine aims to re-activate the interest in the city’s monuments. It can be seen as a game in which people are challenged to act in a different way in front of the monuments. The monuments in question are decontextualized from their usual environment and projected in a different place of the same city. In each intervention, the installation films the participating citizens acting in front of the fictional piece of public space (the monument’s projection). Giving the opportunity to interpret a monument’s history and meaning, is to give birth to common denominators that would link different cultures of the city.

Thanks to: Guiditta, Raphael, Heini, Lucas, Joan, Anastasija, Zeno, Sami, Penny, Sophie, Gabriel, Govert, Lidia, Jongha, Billi, Wei Lun, Kimon, Anton Philips and all participants.


new film is coming soon…

Keymono – Run Boy (Kanas remix) official video

Zygintas Papartis
Govert Flint
Third eye:
Marija Puipaite
Original track by KEYMONO:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/keymonosound
Remix by KANAS:
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOAPTmrWh6YMFfumSMzM6_w
Special thanks to:
Niek van der Heijden – http://www.niekvanderheijden.nl/

Creatures with Creations

‘Creatures with creations and their segregation of joy’ is the title of a design research on how to embed movement related to expression and emotional release in a daily life. Due to multi functionality of computers and their expansion most people spend their working hours while siting behind a computer.
By making an office chair based on the dynamics of the body and linking these body movements to the control of the interface, work can become dynamic and expressive again. An attempt on integrating joy.

The prototyping of the chair was done in collaboration with Sami Sabik.

Film by
Govert Flint and Zygintas Papartis

Concept by
Govert Flint

Production by
Ziggy Pictures

With the support of
Happy Cactus

Side kick
Marija Puipaite

Animations by
Jules Bernard and Govert Flint

Special thanks to
Marjan Ide, Camille Bulteau Barreau, Ramla Malyar and Minona De Lange

Main character
Minona De Lange

Konrad Bialowas
Jelle Mastenbroek
Emiel Arts
Bart Van Uden
Sadaf Malyar
Mila Chorbadzhieva
Arielle Andreotti
Pepe Niemeyer
Sander Wassink
Maayan Pesach
Bart De Hartog
Billie Van Katwyk
Martien Kormeling
Thomas Frenkiez
Jules Bernard

Embracing the Touch

Film by
Marija Puipaite and Zygintas Papartis

Embracing the Touch is a project about designer’s relation with the works and designer’s presence in them.
Design is a matter, tangible and desirable, that carries meaning in itself, in its body. It’s what you understand and experience through physicality. It’s like a garment that you can try on, see how it looks on you. The same way you project yourself through someone else.
So behind the matter stands a designer. Do we think how much intimacy, personality he or she leaves in the design? Would it change our perception meeting the author; facing the fact that a designer is a physical body, made from flesh and blood, having certain physiology, certain volume, smell, breath? Does it create intimate relation with the user? And does this intimacy attract or repel?

Shernas Barcelona 2014

Collection inspired by Barcelona – its stone wall street labyrinths, human noise and fight for existence…

Film by
Zygintas Papartis

Sound by
Dominykas Daunys

Fashion by
Irina Isajeva

Story by
Zygintas Paparits and Andj Silistrowski

Agata Vodnicka

Andj Silistrowski


Film by
Marija Puipaite and Zygintas Papartis

Empathy describes a complicated love and hate relationship between the designer and the material. It’s about those moments when you feel being the Log Lady and a lumberjack at the same time.