Keymono – Morning (official music video)

„Morning is the purest time of a day, when everything starts over. Our new song is all about awakening to life, its details, the flow of time and search for our true self” – Keymono.

The music video elaborates on the search of one’s own essence and destination. It’s about the times in life when you feel lost, and when you find yourself again. In a protracted sequence the viewer gets a notion of the things that make up a human life: the experiences we share, the routine we fall back into, mixed in with a backdrop of brightness and shadows. The new day puts us firmly back on the road again, however confusing and overwhelming circumstances may be. While the framework is narrative, there are no personal truths here, it’s condensed in such a way for everyone to add his/her own interpretation. The music video shows this endless continuum of losing and finding oneself, a search that crosses from dreams into reality and back again. And the persistent effort it takes to break the circle…

Žygintas Papartis

Ištvan Tomas
Saulius Girniukaitis

Special Effects:
Julius Kuršys

Costume designer:
Shernas –

Third eye:
Marija Puipaitė

The Girl:
Daiva Starinskaitė

Thanks to:
Agata Vodnicka
Nerijus Laukaitis
Austėja Katinaitė
Ringailė Papartytė
Vidmantas Vagonis
Kimon Kodossis

Making of:

Making of video by Andjka