SHAPED: Dialogue Between Motion and Matter

On display at “Het Nieuwe Instituut” Museumpark 25, Rotterdam. 31st of January – 26 of April.

This experiment is based on a dialogue between the creature and the creation. Dancer starts by falling down. Based on that first movement, the ‘creators’ make supports: visualizing the ongoing development between user and product. From that creation on, Dancer continues with ‘falling’ followed with the creation of additional support. Together they become a choreography.

Film by
Zygintas Papartis and Govert Flint

Concept by
Institute For Applied Motions & Rodrigo Alves Azevedo

Choreography by
Rodrigo Alves Azevedo

Sound by
Dominykas Daunys

Film production by
Ziggy Pictures

Gieorgij Grzesiek Puchalski

Design Methodology by
Institute For Applied Motions

Installation by
Jeroen van der Drift
Govert Flint
Zeno Franchini
Kim Haagen
Lysander Klinkenberg
Inge van der Ploeg
Martje Roks
Maurik Stomps

Facilitated by
Het Nieuwe Instituut

Special thanks to
Studio Makkink & Bey

Thanks to
Jules van den Langenberg
Collaboration – O
Sander Wassink
Luuk van den Broek
Bart de Hartog
Sarah Züst